Use Library

Usage guide

How to search materials

The Library holds books, periodicals, newspapers, audiovisual materials, microform.
You can check the holdings,  location, status of materials using OPAC.
You can browse library shelves in a certain area of knowledge using the call number system.

How to use materials

When you find your required material in OPAC, if  the location is on an open-shelf floor, you can access materials directly. If the location is B3F or the old library building or the storage stacks, please submit an application to the Main Counter. 
If the materials are located outside the Library in one of the faculty library rooms or studies, please obtain them from  there directly.
Please refer to "How to use audiovisual materials" about audiovisual materials.
Books are shelved by call number. Periodicals are categorized as "Japanese" "European languages" and "University bulletins" and shelved alphabetically.

Borrowing・ Returning

Circulation services are available at the Main Counter (1F).
To borrow materials, your student ID card or Library card (faculty and staff) are required.
  • Borrowing Limits
    Students:Books:10 books/ 2 weeks
    Graduates&Staff:Books:20 books/ 4 weeks, Periodicals:3 vols / 2 weeks
  • Returning
    To return the materials, bring them to the Main counter.When the Library is closed, return them to the book drop box on the left side of the library main gate.
  • Renewing Due Dates
    If you would like to renew books, come to the Main counter. You can renew with your ID card with materials. However renewal may not be done, if a reservation is placed by another user.You can use self-checkout machine or MyLibrary to renew due dates. 
  • Overdue and Penalty
    You cannot borrow books newly if you hold overdue books. You will be suspended from the loan service for the same period.
  • Lost or Damaged Books
    If you lose or damage a book, you must replace the book. Please come to Main Counter.

Learning and Research tips

When you would like to search materials and information for your learning and research, identify possible sources of information in many types and formats, for example, by using reference books or online databases. Or you can ask reference librarians with advice on how to search and use materials at Reference counter (1F).

Purchase request

Request for purchasing materials required for research and learning activities can be made via MyLibrary.
This service is limited to books and audiovisual materials. Requests for journals and e-books are not accepted.
The status of the application process can be checked via MyLibrary.
○ Inquiry:request-lib[at]  Please replace[at] with @

Using external libraries

You may request a letter of introduction, which is required to visit other university or institution's library and use their collection. Please apply at Reference counter.
Seijo university has special agreements with 5 partner universities (Gakusyuin, Seikei, Musashi, Konan University) and join Setagaya 6 universities consortia (Kokushikan, Komazawa,Tokyo city, Showa women's university, Tokyo university of agliculture).
Letter of introduction is not required to use above libraries. The student ID card is required to enter the library. Borrowing service is available on registration at some university libraries.

Using PCs

Laptop computers and on-demand printers are equipped. You can use PC loan lockers. You can bring you own PC to access the Internet and to use online library services.
To use PC at Library, you must have an MNC ID issued by Media Network Center. You can open an account at the MNC counter in the 8 Building  (1F).

Facilities for group study

There are rooms and spaces for group study. Active learning area (1F) is for anyone without reservation.
Presentation rooms (3F 2F) and Group study rooms 1~3 (B1F) can be used with reservations at Main counter.
Wireless network and information consent is available, if you have MNC ID account.

How to use audiovisual materials

If you would like to use audiovisual materials, microforms, or other audiovisual facilities, please ask at AV counter.

  • How to find Audiovisual materials
    To find audiovisual materials, please use OPAC. Only for searching Audio materials and CD-ROMs catalogued before 2006, please use  AV OPAC.
  • How to use audiovisual facilities
    At AV counter, first reserve the seat with student ID card and fill in the application form.
    Then, receive audiovisual material and headphone and remote-control.
    You can look and listen the material at reserved seat.
  • AV Zone service hour
    The AV Zone is available until half hour before library closing time. The application at counter is accepted until one hour before library closing time.
  • How to use microforms
    We hold newspapers in microforms. Please ask the AV Counter.


MyLibrary is an online service for members of the Seijo University Library.
The service requires a valid MCN ID or Library ID number and password. 

  • Via MyLibrary
    you may check loan and reservation status, renew,reserve materials, send orders for Inter Library Loan, request the Library to purchase books and ILL etc.

Library etiquette

  • Please keep quiet. Using mobile phone is prohibited.
  • Eating food is not allowed in the library
  • Please adhere to the copyright laws when photocopying materials.