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About LS

LS (Library Supporter) is an organization that supports the library from the student's perspective to make it easier for students to use the library. We hold various original projects such as exhibition, magazine, video introduction of books.
The activity started in 2014. We are recruiting freshman  during the new student orientation period.The place of activity is mainly in the library, and meetings are held once a month. 


New Student Orientation

In April, LS's activities begin with "New student orientation" for freshman to learn about university library. The orientation provides information on the characteristics of the library and how to use them, and supports freshman in using the library smoothly.

Biblio Battle

Biblio battle is a communication game that is played based on the concept of "Know  books through people, Know people through books". Presenters introduce their favorite books. After all presentations, select the "Champion Book" by the votes of audience and presenters.


We exhibit books in the university library. 
LS set and display themes that match the seasons and events on a monthly basis, and in FY2018, we held a special exhibition in collaboration with students outside the LS and other supporters. 
The exhibits are on display on the first floor of the university library, in front of the main counter.

University Open Day

We guide high school students around the library on the university open day.
Many people visit Seijo University library every year. 
We also answer students' questions.

School Festival

We hold workshops such as making bookmarks, coloring pictures, stamp rally for elementary school students. 

Libo Talk

"Libo Talk (りぼとーーく)" is introduction video of books and movies. 
LS appear on the video and talk enthusiastically about our favorite books and movies. We shoot, edit and post videos on YouTube. Check out our video(Japanese ver.)!
Libo Talk vol.1 Harry Potter
Libo Talk vol.2 Romance novel
Libo Talk vol.3 One book recommended at the end of Heisei
Libo Talk vol.4 One book recommended for students who are not good at books


Magazine "Finder by LS"

We consider the magazine's all sentence and layout, and publish.
The magazine reports LS activities and introduce recommended books and movies. 
We distribute it at the library. Feel free to pick up our magazine!

"Toshokan Reki"

In the "Toshokan Reki", there is a LS section that we report our activities and introduce recommended books and movies. 
We introduce the appeals of Seijo University Library!


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