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Library features

Library features

Seijo university library is within Seijo University campus in Setagaya-ku, Tokyo.
Students, Alumni, and residents of Setagaya-ku (if certain requirements are met) can use this library.
The main role of our library is to strengthen learning and research of Seijo University through collection development and enhancing leaning environment.


The library holds about 720,000  books and 8,900 journals, 29,000 microforms related to the social sciences and humanities, and 60,000 audiovisual materials.
The 5 major Japanese newspapers are available from the first issue in a variety of formats (original, reduced sized edition, microform, digitized).
The Natorp Collection with 4,454 books collected by Paul Natorp philosopher, 1854-1924), is kept in the rare book room.


Learning environment

Library has a variety of learning spaces such as Group study rooms, Presentation rooms, Active learning area and individual study area with PCs at each floor.
260,000 open-access books and periodicals are shelved on five of the seven floors. A wide range of online databases and resources are accessible on campus.
Our services are available at Main counter, Reference counter, AV (audiovisual) counter. We provide users with advice on how to search and use materials. 


Audio Visual Zone

60,000 audio visual materials (8,000 analog records, 22,000 CDs, 13,000 Blu-lays and DVDs) are available.
Audiovisual materials include many microforms, a CD collection which is  particularly  strong  in  classical music, collections of movies, and form one of the best collections of university libraries in Japan.
There are various seats for audiovisual materials and microform users. These seats are for from 1 to 3 persons. Micro booths are available for microforms. AV room is for from 4 to 10 users. Many students love to visit this zone.